Who Is Your God?

Jul 26, 2021

Are we living our lives, following the will of our heavenly Father? Or are we living our lives, doing what others expect us to do?

Many times, we allow the expectations of others to dictate our paths and our decision-making processes. That’s not what God’s called us to. He has called us to live unto Him, not unto anyone else! And sometimes it’s quite hard to break out of the pattern of living unto others. 

We had a young man from India in our Bible school in Russia. He came to Russia for medical school and had completed six years. He began to get a revelation of the love of God, and he started seeing the Lord work through him. He even raised someone from the dead!

That’s when he realized, “I’m not called to be a doctor!”

His parents were very wealthy, and when he went back home to India, they had actually built him a hospital. Can you imagine that? They built him a hospital, bought him a car, found him a wife with a nice dowry of gold. I mean, literally gold. Everything was set—even his inheritance.

But his eternal inheritance was calling…

And he turned it down, saying, “I’m going to go back to Russia and be a full-time missionary.”

Do you know how hard that is? Others had sacrificed to send him to college and provide everything he would need for a seemingly successful future in the natural.

But he made the right choice in following God.

He married a wonderful Russian lady; they have a beautiful daughter, and they have now started a couple of schools in central Russia, raising up ministers of the gospel.

It takes true courage not to let other people’s opinions define you and their expectations tell you what you’re supposed to do. It requires us to take a step of faith.

And sometimes that step of faith might be a giant leap! But God will always be there.

Do I believe that God is my god?

Or is it somebody else?

Carrie Pickett, Charis Instructor


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