About Us

CHARIS is the “how to”  Bible college, helping you apply the Word of God to your everyday life.

About Charis

Charis 25th Anniversary


Not sure how to say it?  You are not the only one!

“Charis” is the Greek word for ‘grace’, and is pronounced Care-is, NOT Chair-is!”

Charis Bible College Australia is all about people! Focused on educating the body of Christ about who God is and who He is in His saints.

Charis Bible College Australia is equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, training disciples to go out and share the Gospel with the rest of the world in the way God has uniquely called each individual to do it.

Every believer is called to be a minister of Christ; some are called to pastor, some to evangelise, some to prophesy, but we are all, as believers, called to go forth and make disciples!

We at Charis Bible College believe effective ministry can only happen when we understand who God is and what our relationship is with Him. Once we understand the grace and love of God and our identity in Him, we can make an effortless impact in our world!

When you allow Christ to Change Your Life,
you can’t help but Change the World.

For a sample of teachings you will get at Charis Bible College

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