The One Thing You Can Stake Your Life On

Jun 14, 2021

Ethan Tomblin hated high school and thought that he would never go to college. But God…

He was raised in a good Christian home, yet on his 18th birthday, Ethan was feeling that he had no worth. He had no idea what he was here for, and he didn’t believe God was who He said He was in His Word. 

He took a job with Disney in Florida after high school, and every time Ethan went to church, all he got out of the message was, “I’m supposed to go to Charis Bible College.”

He came up with every excuse to God for how coming to Charis would never work. His father even kept telling him, “I really believe that you’re called to go to Charis,” and it was the last thing Ethan wanted to hear.

Totally uncommitted to finishing Charis and thinking, maybe I’ll just go for six months or duck out at Christmas, Ethan came to Charis with one of his siblings. 

He had very little finances, yet he took a leap of faith and watched God provide every time he had a need.

On his second-year mission trip to Sri Lanka, they performed skits and gave an invitation for salvation directly under a Buddhist temple. At one invitation, 30 kids expressed that they wanted to receive Jesus. Ethan knew in his heart that something was wrong because it was way too easy.

He asked the Lord what it was and discovered that these kids had hundreds of gods, and they just wanted Jesus as “another” god. Ethan explained that Jesus was the one true God, and that all other gods would have to be forsaken if they truly wanted to be saved. At that point, 27 out of the 30 fully accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Five of Ethan’s six siblings are all in Charis together now, and when asked what the greatest revelation he has gotten from Charis is, Ethan said:

“Everything you read in the Word of God is for you, and you can stake your life on it!”


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