How to Thrive Like a Hound in the Woods!

Apr 26, 2023

Purpose is what creates passion, and when you discover and connect to your purpose, passion is ignited!
Passion demands attention. I travel a lot. Many times, I get home late at night and just cannot go to sleep. So, I make the big mistake of turning on the TV and channel surfing. I’ll be flipping through the channels, and there’s just nothing on. Then all of a sudden, I see a guy cooking.
Now it is two o’clock in the morning, he is cooking, and I stop and watch this guy cooking! What’s up with that? Why do I stop? He is passionate. He’s so passionate about what he’s doing that the passion arrests me. And before you know it, I’m cooking at three o’clock in the morning!  When you connect your potential—why you were created and what you were created for—to your purpose, it ignites passion. It ignites life and enthusiasm, which are contagious and demand attention.

I have an elder in my ministry who has hound dogs. In their cages, they are some of the sorriest, laziest creatures you’ve ever seen. I have to check in with him, “Have you checked on your dogs? I think they’re dead. Buzzards are circling the cages.” We’ll go out there, and they’re alive. But in those cages, outside of their purpose, there’s no life; there’s no passion.

Yet, all he has to do is drive to the woods, open up those cages, and when that tailgate falls, BAM! They’re on it!

When they’re connected to their purpose, they are totally different. They’re alive! In the cage, they’re barely surviving. In the woods, they are thriving.

Independent of your purpose—independent of your connection to Christ and receiving purpose from Him—you will merely survive in this life. But when you connect your potential and your design to your purpose, you’ll be thriving like a hound in the woods!

Duane Sheriff

Charis Instructor


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