Feel like quitting and wondering why?

Nov 5, 2023

Are you experiencing burn-out? Do you ever feel like quitting, although you know God has called you to your position? Read on, as I shed some light on the reasons you may be ready to “throw in the towel”.

Then I want to share some really good news that will propel and inspire you to continue on! God has a GOOD PLAN for you, and I want to share a life-changing opportunity that will get you out of that “rut” and into success!

Did you know…
80% of pastors believe their calling has negatively affected their family.

And would you believe…
65% of pastors would leave their positions for a similar-paying job.

Just as pastors have experienced burnout, this statistic would hold true for many other leaders who are walking in the calling God has for them. Be it pastors, corporate leaders, business owners, teachers, or even homemakers, we all have times when we feel that we cannot go on! If leaders of this generation are not successfully fulfilling the God-given call on their lives, how can they leave a lasting legacy for future generations?

The leaders of our day are meant to inspire and encourage others, but cannot do that if they are uninspired, burnt-out, and weary!

There are many reasons leaders aren’t successful. And success doesn’t mean just getting the job done. True success is finishing your course with joy and God’s quality of life. If you find yourself trudging through life, lacking energy for your purpose, and feel that the fire for your passion has dwindled, you may find the reason here:

Reason #1: God needs to come FIRST.

One reason for failure is a lack of protection and preservation of a personal, intimate relationship with God. This relationship has to be first and foremost. You can never fulfil God’s plan for you if you neglect the Creator of the plan! Personal time with God is paramount. He gives you freedom for innovation and the steps to accomplish His purposes and mandates!

Reason #2: Family is a priority.

Many get so caught up in the “busy-ness” of business that time with family can take a back seat. Consequently, quality of life and families suffer severely. Eat a meal together, play together, carve out time to focus on your family and build lasting relationships within your home. Keeping your priorities straight brings peace and order to what can seemingly be a life of chaos.

Reason #3: Lack of Training

Another reason is the lack of teaching, training and mentorship. If you are a leader of others, you must take time to invest in yourself. Gain wisdom from other leaders who have more experience than you. When we are properly taught and mentored, it builds optimum strength in our callings and maximizes our effectiveness for God!

There is good news: We have the power to change! And that’s what Charis Bible College is all about. Biblical teaching, practical ministry training, and encouraging fellowship, all with an emphasis on growing your relationship with God. Together we can walk in the successful plan of Christ and leave a lasting legacy for future generations!

Dean Radtke

Dean Radtke


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