Encounter The Living God

Apr 4, 2022

Several years ago, my wife and I went through what the Bible calls an “evil day” (Eph. 6:13).

The challenge with our “evil day” was that it lasted almost two years!

The church where my wife and I served as pastors went through an ‘involuntary church plant‘, otherwise known as a church split. Several people we loved and had close relationships with left without a word. Many of them turned their backs on us whenever we saw them in a public place. Several letters filled with unfounded accusations and lies about us were sent out to our entire congregation.

During this same time, one of my children was going through a physical and emotional battle, and toward the end of this season, my dad passed away suddenly.

My wife and I were heavy-hearted and emotionally worn down by the events of this season of spiritual attack. We were actually contemplating leaving the church once things began to settle down, because of the daily challenge of navigating the several storms we were going through at the same time.

It seems the Enemy used the “pileup” method to attempt to move us off our assigned place in the kingdom.

The only things that kept us sane during the emotional, financial, and relational pressures we faced was daily, intimate time with Jesus and our relationships with close kingdom friends and mentors. Our relationship with Pastor Bob and Joy Nichols of Calvary Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas, was a special lifeline for us during this time.

One day while I was thinking about these events for the umpteenth time, I began to unintentionally defend myself to myself regarding all the unfounded accusations former friends had brought against me. I then began to take these things to the Lord.

Immediately I heard God speak clearly to me this question,

Whose father is speaking these things about you?

I responded with

What do you mean, Lord?

to which He answered,

It’s not Me who is saying these things of you, so it is not necessary for you to respond to them. They are not true of you.

Wow! What a powerful revelation the Lord made known to me that day. I was to only focus on what He says of me. That was extremely freeing for me and brought great peace and rest to my soul.

All the striving, confusion, and emotional stress I had been dealing with for months left in a moment’s time, and it was replaced with a peace I could not wrap my head around. He replaced all the heaviness and despair with hope and joy. Praise God!

One encounter with the living God can transform your life, help you avoid emotional burnout, and help you fulfill your God-given assignment.

Greg Mohr


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