Being Transformed by the Word

Jan 25, 2023

Church was a constant reminder to me of how I always fell short. Born and raised as a Catholic in Ohio, I quit going to church by the age of sixteen because of the pressure.

Fast-forward six years and I was married and starting a family—and I was drawn back into church for the sake of my wife and two children.

Again, I tried my best, but failed over and over at being “good enough.”

I loved Jesus, but I wrongly believed I must perform well to receive His blessings.

Five years after my divorce, I was dating a girl who wanted me to take her to church. I did, but only to please her. I kept going, though, and after hearing the true Gospel spoken in love, I was set free! At fifty years old, I was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit, with a hunger for God’s Word like never before. I was a new creation. God’s Word had changed me.

I started Charis Bible College Colorado that same year.

For four hours a day, I focused on His Word to get what He had for me. The first year at Charis, I got filled, filled, filled with teaching as wrong doctrine washed away.

I liked it so much that I came back for the next year. During my second year, I learned how to apply what I was learning to my everyday life. I discovered from the Bible who God really is and was blessed to meet and fellowship with like-minded believers.

In that second year, I clearly heard the Lord ask me if I would give up my business. When I asked Him why, He said that my identity was “Mark Jones, car dealer.”

I had been a car dealer for over thirty years, and it had become who I was instead of what I did. The Lord said that if I wanted what He had for my life, I had to give up what I had worked for in the flesh so that I could receive His new identity for me. When I gave up the car dealership, He called me into the ministry.

I graduated from Charis in three years. My new identity is in Him now—not in myself. My kids are both saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, and I currently have five grandchildren, two of whom are both saved and Spirit-filled as well.

God’s Word and His promises have transformed my family and me. We will never be the same.

Today I am the Night School coordinator at Charis. I love my job! Not only that, but I am also fulfilling God’s plan and destiny for my life.

I have been transformed by His Word and am in the centre of His will.


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