Barry has a purpose, do you?

Jan 3, 2022

Face down on the carpet in his home in Texas, Barry Bennett was feeling like a failure with no plan or purpose for his life—until a God-given revelation of righteousness changed everything one afternoon in 1979…

He saw that no matter what he did in his life, God saw him as righteous–the same as God–and nothing could change that. It gave him an entirely new look on his identity and the calling God had put on his life.

Barry then spent his life following that still small voice in his heart, embarking with his family to Chile for nearly twelve years, starting a home for Cambodian refugees in Texas, and a Spanish bible college.

While living in Texas, Barry’s sons decided they wanted to attend Charis Bible College (CBC). When the family came to Colorado to visit, Barry felt an urging in his Spirit telling him that one day he would teach there. Both Barry and his wife, Betty Kay, picked up applications for Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM) and went back to Texas, waiting for notice that they could begin their journey to living in Colorado.

Two weeks after Betty Kay was employed at AWM, Barry was accepted into the AWM Phone Center and he charged into it wholeheartedly, still retaining the word from God that he would one day teach at CBC.

Finally, Barry was asked to teach a class while he was working in the Phone Center. Little by little he transitioned into teaching there until he was employed full time as a teacher at CBC. When Barry stood on the stage, teaching the students from his revelation of God, he knew he was fulfilling what he was made to do.

The moment of realizing he was righteous had helped to bring him to the point where he is now affecting thousands of people all over the world with the message of who they are in Christ!

What’s your purpose? What are you supposed to do with the rest of your life?


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