Are You Living in the Power of Hope? Part 2

Jan 15, 2021

Hope is your imagination. 

Every time the Scripture talks about imagination in a positive way, it uses the word hope. 

When Paul talked about hope, he was seeing things with his heart, taking the promises of God and seeing God cause him to succeed. Sadly, most people don’t understand this process or how important this is and allow their imaginations to be controlled by other things—seeing themselves failing, poor or sick.

But when what God has told you becomes a vision on the inside of you, you’ll wait for it patiently (Rom. 8:25). People who quit or give up have a negative imagination—they see the negative instead of the positive side. They don’t have hope.

Your imagination dictates how your life goes. 

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. (Prov. 23:7a)

How you think is the way your life is going. 

If your life isn’t going well, it’s because you’ve conceived it in your imagination. Your imagination is like soil. Soil doesn’t care what kind of seed you plant in it; the moment it’s planted, the soil starts producing. 

It’s the same thing with your heart and imagination. Your imagination will conceive something and automatically start making it come to pass, positive or negative. It’s like your spiritual womb. 

The imagination isn’t moral or immoral—what you focus your attention on affects it. You get to choose whether it’s positive or negative, and both are self-fulfilling prophesies.

You need to shut off all the negative things that are grabbing at you. Stay in God’s Word, and let it dominate you, or I guarantee you, the unbelief of this world will extinguish your positive imagination. It’ll make it become vain.

God will put a positive imagination, a hope, in you that’ll make a difference, and you’ll be believing and looking for better results than you ever have. Hope is powerful. 

Again, it’s the second greatest thing in the Christian life, greater even than faith. You’ve got to understand the power of your imagination if you’re going to harness the power of hope.

If you’ve been hopeless and you know you’ve been looking only at the natural circumstances and negative things in your life, I pray that God would help you to change your focus and start seeing the positive things He has for you. 

I believe a positive imagination will come alive in you!  


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