All Things Are Possible If You Believe

Jun 7, 2023

What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.”

Mark 9:23 [NLT]

When Jesus said, “Anything is possible” He meant it!

You don’t have to have a supernatural gift of any kind. I’ve seen miracles, but I don’t have a gift of miracles. I don’t have the gift of healing, and yet I’ve seen literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of healings over the years. I’m just taking my authority as a believer.

Every one of us, if we’re His sheep, we hear His voice. God can speak directly to you, and you can be healed of anything. You don’t have to come to a meeting to receive your healing. We use meetings to teach you, but if we do a good job, we can send you home, armed with the truth. Praise God, you don’t have to come back every year to let us pump you up. You can get hold of the truth for yourself, and then you can go out and start ministering this to other people.

Many believers don’t think they have enough faith for their own healing, much less someone else’s, but that’s not true. Romans 12 tells us that God has given to every man the measure of faith. And that means you, too! He didn’t give a little bit to some and a lot to others. He gave us all the same faith. All that is necessary is that you believe it!

Do you believe that Jesus has the faith to heal you? Of course you do. Well, if He’s on the inside of you, you have that same faith. Even ministers who have the gift of healings, miracles or faith don’t have any more faith than you do!

If the Word of God is true, and it is, we need to settle this: All things are possible if you believe!


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