5 Religious Clichés that Are a Pack of Lies!

Aug 2, 2021

If we expect a god of clichés, that’s what we’ll get.

We hear these five clichés quoted by Christians all the time. I may step on some toes here because you may have even used them yourself. But in all honesty, no one who truly knows God could ever use these clichés.

Let’s take a look at the five and what a normal response to them would be:

  1. “God has everything under control.”  Normal response: “Well why is the world so messed up? It looks pretty out of control to me!”
  2. “Everything happens for a reason.”  Normal response: “What could possibly be the divine reason for hurricanes, tragedies, and mass shootings. How can you say that everything happens for a reason?”
  3. “God allowed it.” Normal response: “God allows evil? How can you say that?”
  4. “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.” Normal response: “Is He schizophrenic?”
  5. “God moves in mysterious ways.” LIES!

Baloney! These are all lies!

Yet we use these when we don’t know the answer, or if we dig deeper, when we don’t really know God.

Too many Christians don’t really know God. Not only do they not know Him, their pastors don’t know Him either because that’s where they get these clichés.

Genesis 1:26-28 tells us that God gave the earth to man and gave him dominion over it. Man is to rule in relationship with and in the image of God.

Until we understand this, we will mess up our theology every time and rest in clichés.

The Lord gave you His name, His blood, His Spirit, His Word, a better covenant, His promises, His faith and the keys to His kingdom. He has overloaded you with everything you need to take dominion over you, your sphere of influence, and your life, so it can all be blessed.

God has put within you everything you need to have dominion, and pretty much said, “Sic ‘em! Go change the world!” 

We cannot witness with clichés. Anyone with any sense at all wouldn’t want that god. They want to hear about victory, health and healing, promises, stepping on serpents and scorpions and defeating the enemy. 

Get to know the only true and living God. And when you share Him with the world, they will jump at the chance to know Him as well!


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