3 Essential Truths to Hearing God

Oct 9, 2023

Many years ago, it became apparent to me that my faith in Jesus was not meant to be only a belief system or doctrinal statement.

Many religions come complete with their beliefs and doctrines. Surely our faith and an understanding of God’s love should include something more than a memorised set of rules.  
I can remember the very first time I was aware of an answered prayer. 

I was in college and had missed a class in which an assignment was explained. I had no clue what was expected. I went to the campus library and sat in a study cubicle with no idea what to do next. I decided to talk to God. “Father, please send someone to me who is in my class and can explain the assignment to me.”

This may not sound like much, but from a class of about 50 students in a school of 14,000 students, it seemed like a long shot. But in my simplistic way, I prayed.  Less than one minute later a classmate walked by my cubicle, and I stopped him and asked about the assignment. 

I was so excited! I’m sure he thought something was wrong with me. I got the information I needed, but I learned a lot more. God was real, He heard me and He cared enough to help me. That small incident revealed to me that my new faith was all about a relationship with God—one in which He would actually listen to me and communicate with me.

God wants to communicate with you. I am not talking about an audible voice but rather what I call “revelation knowledge.” Everything about our faith in Jesus points to a loving relationship with the Father in which we can grow through this “revelation knowledge.” Revelation knowledge is simply the communication of truth from God’s Spirit to yours through various means. It is “hearing God.”

Here are 3 simple, yet essential truths you need to know: 

  1. You were created with the ability to hear God. 
  2. Hearing God is the key to the abundant life in Christ. 
  3. You should expect to hear God in your daily life.

Knowing this will hopefully stimulate you to expect your own relationship with the Father to grow and deepen as you hear Him!


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