She stepped out on the water

Jan 3, 2022

Carolina stepped out!A student at Charis Bible College and quite the adventurer, Carolina student transferred here upon completing First Year classes at Charis Bible College United Kingdom.

After graduating from the University of Ecuador, Carolina took an internship in Scotland. Later, she moved to England and got a position in sales. There she met a Christian friend, Faith, who was instrumental in pointing her to Jesus and Andrew Wommack Ministries.

After discovering that her friend Faith was a Christian, Carolina immediately asked if she could attend church with her.

And that was it for me. I became a Christian in 2009,


Faith introduced Carolina to Andrew Wommack’s teachings on television. She recalls hearing this “gentle voice explaining the message of grace and faith.”

Continuing to watch Andrew Wommack’s programs and reading his books, Carolina also attended a Gospel Truth Seminar and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. After receiving this new revelation, she experienced miracle after miracle and became a top sales agent at her company.

But she had a discontentment in her heart that kept growing.

Soon after there was a visit to Charis Bible College UK campus and Carolina recalls that she instantly felt at home.

As soon as I stepped on the floor, I felt that I was where I was supposed to be


Carolina graduatesThe next day she quit her job and began classes! Near the end of her first year at Charis, Carolina had a dream which pointed her to Colorado. She later received confirmation through scripture, which helped her solidify her plans to transfer to Charis Bible College Colorado.


I was so excited to see my country’s flag in the Break Room on my first day!


Carolina stepped out on the water (in faith) and put her house up for sale. It sold quickly and soon she was in Colorado!

Everyone is so welcoming, and here the attitude is: Everything is possible!


Read Andrew Wommack’s teaching on How To Become A Water Walker to learn more about the steps of faith Carolina took on her journey to Charis Colorado.


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