She Had It All Figured Out—But God…

Nov 9, 2021

As a teenager from Los Angeles, California, Sophia Hartman was completely down on herself.

Although she never hurt herself physically, she beat herself up mentally as she looked in the mirror, wondering why she was even here. 

But God….

Ten years ago, Sophia’s mother was battling a major illness when she ‘stumbled’ upon a ‘boring preacher from Texas.’ It was self-described ‘plain as dirt’ Andrew Wommack. Her mother’s life was completely changed. 

Says Sophia, “She [mother] was telling me as I was going through high school, ‘Hey there’s a college. It’s called Charis Bible College. Oh, and I had a vision of you going there.’”

“And I was like, ‘Well I reject that because it’s not true.’” She was making plans to enter a four-year accredited university. 

But God….

At 16, Sophia came to the Summer Family Bible Conference and, according to her, “had the worst time ever!” Rejecting everything she was listening to, she deemed this to be “literally the most boring place on the planet!” 

But God….

During her junior year of high school, she was walking down the hall and heard the voice of the Lord clearly for the first time. 

 He asked her, “Why do you want to go to a four-year school? You hate school.” 

“You’re right,” she replied. 

“What about Charis? It’s got everything you want.” 

“You’re right,” Sophia answered, totally astonished at her own words!

And just like that, the Lord had changed her heart. 

 Now finishing her first year at Charis, Sophia says it was the best decision she’s ever made.

“The biggest revelation I’ve received is who I am in Christ—my righteousness. … It wasn’t until I had people like Barry Bennett, Greg Mohr, and Arthur Meintjes tell me word-for-word what the Word says about me that I knew it was true. And that righteousness has completely altered my way of thinking … I’m a completely different person! 

“Jesus is everything to me now. He is the breath in my lungs. He is the reason why I sing … He’s the reason why, when I walk into a room, people can tell there’s a difference in me. And it’s been the most incredible change to realize that I am not my everything!” –Sophia Hartman

She had it all figured out.

But God….


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