Sharing Jesus in Dark Places

May 31, 2021

I’m learning that Jesus can be found in the most unusual places.

A couple of months ago, I started volunteering at an emergency refugee shelter in Berlin. 

One day while I was playing with the refugee children, Arabic music began to fill the air. We turned to watch as a group from Pakistan began to laugh and dance to the traditional music. In that moment, I could almost see Jesus resting His arms on their shoulders and joining the dance.

For a while I wrestled with this impression—after all, they’re Muslim. Can He really be in such a place when they haven’t invited Him or even believe in His existence? 

However, He is Emmanuel—God with us. He loves to be with people.

From the very beginning, He always has. And surely the God who ate with sinners and tax collectors can be found dancing among the Muslim people.

This might sound odd, but when I’m down in the red light districts of Berlin surrounded by pimps, traffickers, and prostitutes, there are days when I sense His presence sometimes stronger than I do in a church service.

I believe His presence is experienced in church services, but again, He can also be found in dark and unusual places. 

He is the God who is near to the poor, suffering, and broken-hearted.

I pray we wouldn’t be afraid to follow Him into the dark places. For it is there that He can be found and discovered more intimately.  I want to encourage you—as I am discovering—that knowing Him is worth everything!


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