Overcoming Fear—Stepping out of the Boat!

Apr 26, 2021

Have you ever felt the Lord leading you to step out on the water but were afraid to get out of the boat?

The decision to follow God’s will can sometimes be difficult. But getting out of the boat (our comfort zone) and stepping out on the water is well worth it. And God’s peace will overcome anything the devil can throw at you!

During Doug Marler’s time at Charis, he acquired a wealth of valuable ministry experience. After relocating and volunteering at a Charis extension school in Chicago and then working for two years, deep inside, he felt unfulfilled. He knew that God had more. 

Then things began to shift. The jobs dried up, and he had a prophetic dream in which the Lord gave him a pair of pink, high-top sneakers with gold threads running through them and the command to “Go!” 

Despite the fear, Doug followed the Lord’s command, laying down all of his possessions, reputation and positions. And by June, he was ready to return to Colorado and again attend Charis. 

Driving away from Chicago with all my earthly belongings neatly packed into my car, I had peace that I was in His will. I had made no arrangements prior to arriving in Colorado. I was simply stepping out onto the water! 

Within the first week, God had provided both housing and a job. By week 2, I had applied for Charis’ 3rd Year Missions Track, and by month’s end, the transition was complete.

I had shed my earthly possessions, attuned my heart to God’s, relocated across 4 states, found housing and employment, and was poised for Charis Missions School and my next steps to evangelise the nations.

By His grace and through faith, I stepped out of the boat!


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