It’s Time to Refocus

Mar 2, 2022

A steady stream of bad news covers every corner of the globe these days.

With the presence of the internet and other forms of mass communication, bad news can be sent to every nook and cranny of the world minutes after it happens. But while bad news seems to sell, it’s bad for us. Focusing on all the negative events that happen on a daily basis is unhealthy. It’s also depressing and paralysing.

Yet, God has Good News for us all, and it has the opposite effect.

It uplifts. It liberates. And it’s here to stay; it doesn’t come and go from day to day.

It started before creation and will last through eternity. Angels first announced this plan that’s older than time itself in the New Testament.

…The angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.

Luke 2:10 (NLT)

The Good News is still for us today. If bad news has gotten you down, it’s time to refocus. There’s no shortage of good news; it just doesn’t get as much coverage. This isn’t about ignoring reality because the Good News is reality. It’s about recognising that many times bad news isn’t accurate, doesn’t last and isn’t nearly as powerful as the Good News. In fact, eventually, there won’t be any bad news left; the Good News will swallow it up.

Actually, the Good News is so good, the bad news doesn’t matter.

That’s why every Christian should take time to get happy and stay happy over God’s Good News. It will help you figure out where you came from, why you’re here, who you are and where you’re going. The answers to these questions will boost your confidence and anchor your soul in troubled times.

The answer to these questions is the Good News.


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