It’s All About the Overflow

Mar 2, 2022

You might say, “Why would I go to Bible school? I don’t really want to go into full-time ministry.”

Charis Bible College is not just about full-time ministry; it’s about a relationship with God. Ministry is not what you do for the Lord. Ministry is a relationship to and with God. That’s your ministry. It’s your everyday communion with the Lord.

And it’s not just to Him, “Hey Lord, here’s my Bible time; here’s my fasting time; here are my tithes; here’s my offering. Okay, got to run!”

It’s with Him—where you’re receiving back, and your heart is sensitive to hear what He’s saying to you. You’re not only able to hear His voice, but you want to respond to His voice. You want to obey without reluctance or excuses.

So, you go to Him say, “Lord, what should I do today? How shall I live my life? What do you want to do?”

Yes, the action of ministry is your relationship to and with God, which results in an overflow that impacts the lives around you.

God wants to produce in you and teach you—and not just in Bible school. He wants to teach you in everyday life. He’s called you into a ministry to know Him. He’s called you so that you can have an overflow out of your life to others.

That overflow of the wisdom, the life, and the provision of God produces faith, power, miracles and the peace of God coming out of your life. It overflows, and it impacts every single person you meet!

Everybody’s overflow looks different. That’s what makes us a body and a force in this world. It’s what gives us the ability to take the things of Heaven and bring them here to Earth and reveal God.

No, Charis is not just about full-time ministry. It’s all about the overflow!

Carrie Pickett

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