How to identify the voice of God

Apr 4, 2024


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How can we distinguish the voice of God from our own voice? What is the voice of God like and can we recognise it? In this Charis Minute, Barry Bennett answers the question, ‘How do I Identify the voice of God?’

Bible College Australia Charis Instructor Barry Bennett

How do I identify the voice of God as different from my own?

Well, your own voice isn’t going to give you the peace and faith that God’s voice will. When you’re listening to yourself, there will still be doubt and uncertainty. You’ll still be looking for confirmation from people or circumstances. When you have the voice of God, you know that you know. It’s a sure thing.

How to identify what the voice of God is not

Here’s a list to help you identify what the voice of God is not:

  • The voice of God does not leave you with doubt,
  • The voice of God does not leave you with uncertainty
  • The voice of God does not pressure you
  • The voice of God does not force you to strain to hear it

The voice of God is far different from your own.

Identifying the voice of God, what to look for

Look for the peace. Look for the faith. Faith comes by hearing God.


How to identify the voice of God faith comes by hearing

Can people hear the voice of God?

We’re often dull of hearing, and I want to share a verse here,

For the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing,

  • Matthew 13:15a

We’re dull of hearing many times, and Jesus explains why. The heart comes first, and the ears come second. The hearts of these people have grown dull, or, in other words, we’re not seeking God with our whole heart. We’re not trying to seek and ask and knock. There’s not a fellowship with the Father and therefore, as our hearts have grown dull, our ears become dull of hearing.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

  • Matthew 7:7
how to identify the voice of God by tuning the heart to the Father

How to overcome dullness and hear the voice of God

Get into the Word. Get into a regular catch-up relationship with your Father God. Often we aren’t sure if we’re hearing from God or not, because our hearts aren’t really in it. So once we get our hearts in tune with the things of God and we’re really pursuing the things God, our spiritual ears will perk up. How do you identify the voice of God? You commit your heart to a relationship with God and spend time in His Word and then you’ll be much more sensitive to the voice of God.

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