An open door

Jan 3, 2022

Over a year ago, I felt I was going to one-day serve in the Republic of Georgia. I did research on the area, so I now know quite a bit about this country. I kept this desire to preach in the Republic of Georgia to myself while I was in the Third Year Missions program, until God opened a door for me on a field trip!

One of the Mission School’s class field trips was with an organisation called the Greater European Mission (GEM), which sends missionaries to Europe. During the van ride, Dr. Delron Shirley, the director of the Missions School, asked my class if the Lord had placed a particular country on each of our hearts.

For the first time, I spoke out my dream of being a missionary in the Republic of Georgia! 

We all got out of the van and started to tour the Greater European Mission offices. As the GEM staff member was conducting the tour, she asked if any of us were interested in the Republic of Georgia… and I quickly raised my hand!

The GEM staff member explained that the Republic of Georgia had a paid job opening to teach English as second language. The position came with many benefits, and the person who took the job would be able to evangelise and live in the Republic of Georgia for one whole year!

Dr. Delron Shirley, as well as my classmates and I, we were all amazed at the open door that stood before me simply by taking this one field trip. 

Right now, my plans are to be on the mission field in Uganda this summer. In the future, I know I’ll be doing mission work throughout Africa, the Republic of Georgia, and around the world, thanks to the training I received in Charis third year. 

-Deborah, Charis Graduate


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