All or nothing

Jun 7, 2021

Like many of us, Katherine’s walk with Jesus wasn’t a straight path.

As a high schooler, she found herself drinking in order to avoid coming to terms with the pull she felt to fully turn her life over to God.

“I pictured surrendering to God like jumping off a cliff or a high dive; you really want to jump, but you are scared, and once you do jump, there is no looking back,” Katherine said. 

On New Year’s Eve of her senior year, she had a powerful encounter with the love of God and decided to turn her life fully over to Jesus. This decision affected where she planned to go to school. As she was driving one day, she prayed for direction and felt God’s strong calling to go to Charis Bible College (CBC) in Colorado.

Her time at CBC provided her with a strong foundation in the Bible and an even stronger relationship with Christ. Serving in Mexico as part of CBC’s hands-on approach, Katherine realized she had a strong desire to minister outside the U.S.

Now Katherine has been to over fifteen countries sharing the love of God in just two years!

“My desire is to love well. I never want to limit God. I’m really just a girl who loves Jesus and obeys God one step at a time.”

You too can become a worldchanger. Discover at CBC how God can change your life from the inside out so you can change others through His power.

Watch this video of Katherine’s journey to become a worldchanger!


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