After the last bell

Jun 4, 2021

Hundreds of pairs of eyes silently watched as twenty-four Charis students performed a skit that they had spent months rehearsing.

In the streets of Germany, standing among the crowd, Jessica Ketchum captured on film what most never see in their lifetime—the Holy Spirit invading the darkness.

At that moment, she realised, This is what I was born to do.

With yet another confirmation that the third-year Media School was right where God wanted her, Jessica began her one-year journey, experiencing all forms of media.

From logo and website design to blogging and cinematography, the hands-on experience she gained drew her into the world of filmmaking.

As Jessica’s instructors pushed her to experiment with her own creativity, she began to take her ideas and make them a reality. Her Germany video was just the beginning.

When Jessica’s video aired on Andrew Wommack’s television show, a software company hired her based on its quality. Within a few months of graduating, she was travelling around the United States and putting together videos for their clients.

It was great because I had been equipped with tools from Media School, but then also had to take a step of faith and do something—I had to teach myself.

In January of 2014, Jessica was given the opportunity to help start the Media School program at Charis Bible College’s extension school in St. Petersburg, Russia. For six months, she taught classes, led missions teams, and established a foundation for the media program.

Nearly a year after the last bell, she is now moving toward her dream of starting her own production company. And all of this will be solely through using the foundation she made in that one, well-invested year at Media School.


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