CHARIS is the “how to” Bible college,
helping you apply the Word of God to
your everyday life.
Why is CHARIS the “how-to” college?

Adding depth to your knowledge of the Bible! Our goal is not for you to leave Charis knowing what Theologians have written ABOUT God’s Word, but that you would leave knowing God Himself through the written word and relationship with His Holy Spirit. That you would have opportunities to exercise your faith and experience the promises of God.

How to walk in your true identity in Christ. You can only know who you really are when you know the One who created you and who has designed an amazing purpose for your life. As we unpack revelation on our identity in Christ we also coach on how to practically walk that out in our day to day lives.
How to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit. The life of the Holy Spirit, who raised Jesus from the dead, is the power that God wants to flow in and through you! You will learn & experience the healing of body, soul, and spirit.

Know how to minister wherever you are! Whether you are placed in the business world, the home, the church, or through some other avenue, we help you to know how to partner with the Holy Spirit, exercise the gifts within, and activate change in the world around you.

Sharing your testimony will no longer be hard for you. Along with your classmates you will discover how simple it is to share the good news!

The Experience
Hear From Our Students!
“[I] started to understand being a christian and how much God has for you”


“Being at Charis together really cemented our marriage”

John & Ann Ann

“You just come alive…You have peace and joy.”


“It’s given me a real relationship with God.”


“The community at Charis is great…It’s like a little family.”


“You just come alive…You have peace and joy.”


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